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Lessons from Uncle Brian

Lessons from Uncle Brian

December 9, 2017

Dear Uncle Brian, Never could I have dreamed that I would be writing about this this soon. To be honest, I am surprised you are the first, and even though we didn’t know each other well, I am sorry that you are gone. But so happy that you lived. You hear stories from people and […]

3 motivational reads written by 3 women (Blogmas Day 7).

3 motivational reads written by 3 women (Blogmas Day 7).

December 7, 2017

While in theory Christmas is “a swell time to go riding in a one horse slay”, emotionally it feels tough. We need a little push, a friendly nudge to keep our spirits up. And while not particularly Christmas themed – and mentioned a couple of times in my Instagram and Twitter posts, these three books […]

My 2018 Dream (Blogmas Day 6).

December 6, 2017

This whole blog, website, personal brand, was born from the mission to inspire others to live their dreams. To demonstrate that whatever you choose to put your mind to is possible with a little action and tenacity. While the desire to deliver this to you, dear readers, has been the fuel to the tank of […]

Welcome to my corner of the Internet!

July 2016: I lived in Southampton and had begun an internship as Student Enterprise Communications Coordinator. I began blogging about my transition to living in London.

July 2017: I am living in London and working in marketing. Now, discover what’s next!