Han’s Top 3: London Food On The Go (Big Brands)

Having worked in central London in varying roles for the last nearly three months, I have become used to rushing for food. In between meetings, interviews and generally just forgetting to wake up in time.

So starting with the big names – and the bigger prices – here are my top three favourite chains to grab a quick bite:

1.Pret A Manger

Starting at the top, you cannot go wrong with a Pret soya cappuccino and pain au raisin in the morning. It’s quick, it’s light and sets you right up for the day!

Plus, in central London there’s pretty much a Pret on every street corner. No really, in Leicester Square and Warren Street alone you can see two on the same street. For a long time I wanted to work in an office close to a Pret but central London takes it to another level!

2. EAT

If you have a little more cash to splash, I highly recommend grabbing lunch from EAT. My favourite is the chilli con carne. And you can never go wrong with one of their matcha lattes (again, I recommend with soya milk and maybe some vanilla syrup).

3. Benugo’s

Now the reason I say Benugo’s is because it somehow pops up EVERYWHERE! Waterloo station, Covent Garden, even in offices – and they still give you ‘buy nine coffees get the tenth for free’ cards….

A good place for fresh food.


As I’m writing this I’m just about to dash out for the day! I wonder which one I’ll end up at…?

Where’s your favourite place to grab a quick bite?

Han x


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