When in doubt, just add sparkle!

It has been a mad month. Setting out plans for my future while holding down a normal job and commuting to and fro. Looking after yourself can be easy to neglect.

So when I was invited to a manicure at Backstage Beauty, it got me thinking just how perfect a little treat for myself could be. Especially with Fashion Week season just getting started at the time as well.


Ensconced in luxury, the tiny little salon resides in Mayfair and boasts a varied and impressive portfolio. Rushing between work and coaching commitments, I had enough time to get a spruce, shellac and I believe a proper setting gel.


I was super happy with the result and it has lasted about two weeks and various situations. All that’s left is three days in Milan and it will have served its purpose.


I was left feeling super glamorous – it helped hopping straight into a black cab for my next appointment as well #ohsolondon. I am normally not a sparkly beauty person, but for nail polish I make the exception. What’s better than a little reminder of your awesomeness? A little sparkle!


Check out Book Your Lifestyle for more information on Backstage Beauty and for your own ‘sparkle’ treatment.

What is your favourite way to treat yo’self?

Han x




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