3 ways I got back on track

So you’ve heard about how I got writer’s block, life got a little stagnant. That is always my cue to create a bigger game. To come back stronger and larger than life.

It used to be snap out of it and keep going. When I was student etc. 

Now, the game of dreams is a little different than that:

1. Invent your game. Picture it, visualise and make a visual. For me it’s moodboards of magazine pictures. Other people it’s drawing storyboards or creating Pinterest boards. Whatever you choose to do, make it huge on your wall and somewhere you will see every day so that even subconsciously, you’re attracting it to you.

2. Plan your game. Write the end goal first, the bold declaration of your game. And then work backwards on the small actions that need to be taken to make the big declaration happen. I normally split these between my weekly wall planner and bullet journal. I like visuals and something I can keep in my handbag.

3. Keep a habit tracker. I picked one from Kikki K and I didn’t even grasp how useful it is at first. I’m terrible at simply trying to change a habit. But seeing a tangible progression drives me – and my Monica Geller competitive side. (Once I start completing my tracker, I’ll post it again, but the Kikki K example is a good one to get started with!)

4. Take action. Yup, it’s that simple. And keep re-evaluating your game. The moment you become disconnected, bored or desperate about the state of your game: switch it up! Snap out of it. Repeat the steps.

Have a powerful week, dear reader!

Han x


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