How do you respond to risk? 

So I’ve actually got a bit more of a comprehensive post in place for this week, but I’ve had some major news come up in the last couple of days. And it got me thinking about risk.

I said on my Instagram yesterday that I was going to play big this week. Little did I know that within a couple of hours life would be offering me several options to do this already.

I took some actions and then trusted that life would come back at me with suitable options. And it didn’t disappoint!

My first thought was excitement that I could this off, my next fear of the consequences and third to word vomit to my community. That is, to get that I was being a wally and awesome things were happening around me: so embrace it! And then “fourthly”: react to it. Take action.

Now I know this all sounds rather conceptual at present, but it needs to be and I promise all will be revealed soon! 

But tell me, how do you react to risk?

Han x

*The results of taking on a bigger game in life show even in your face. Play big! You deserve it!


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