How do you respond to risk? 

So I’ve actually got a bit more of a comprehensive post in place for this week, but I’ve had some major news come up in the last couple of days. And it got me thinking about risk.

I said on my Instagram yesterday that I was going to play big this week. Little did I know that within a couple of hours life would be offering me several options to do this already.

I took some actions and then trusted that life would come back at me with suitable options. And it didn’t disappoint!

My first thought was excitement that I could this off, my next fear of the consequences and third to word vomit to my community. That is, to get that I was being a wally and awesome things were happening around me: so embrace it! And then “fourthly”: react to it. Take action.

Now I know this all sounds rather conceptual at present, but it needs to be and I promise all will be revealed soon! 

But tell me, how do you react to risk?

Han x

*The results of taking on a bigger game in life show even in your face. Play big! You deserve it!

3 ways I got back on track

So you’ve heard about how I got writer’s block, life got a little stagnant. That is always my cue to create a bigger game. To come back stronger and larger than life.

It used to be snap out of it and keep going. When I was student etc. 

Now, the game of dreams is a little different than that:

1. Invent your game. Picture it, visualise and make a visual. For me it’s moodboards of magazine pictures. Other people it’s drawing storyboards or creating Pinterest boards. Whatever you choose to do, make it huge on your wall and somewhere you will see every day so that even subconsciously, you’re attracting it to you.

2. Plan your game. Write the end goal first, the bold declaration of your game. And then work backwards on the small actions that need to be taken to make the big declaration happen. I normally split these between my weekly wall planner and bullet journal. I like visuals and something I can keep in my handbag.

3. Keep a habit tracker. I picked one from Kikki K and I didn’t even grasp how useful it is at first. I’m terrible at simply trying to change a habit. But seeing a tangible progression drives me – and my Monica Geller competitive side. (Once I start completing my tracker, I’ll post it again, but the Kikki K example is a good one to get started with!)

4. Take action. Yup, it’s that simple. And keep re-evaluating your game. The moment you become disconnected, bored or desperate about the state of your game: switch it up! Snap out of it. Repeat the steps.

Have a powerful week, dear reader!

Han x

Han Meets The Dream

Good morning!

First of all I want to apologise for the lack of good time-keeping on the blog (I missed a post last week), my sporadic appearances on Instagram and Twitter and the complete lack of attention to #InspiredBy. We were building something really great and the impact is that it now looks like I don’t care about the project and you guys and gals don’t get to interact with some incredible people!

So this week I have put in place to have a scheduling week of everything! Blog, Buffer and the rest of my goals.

I moved into another room over the weekend and with that came looking at stuff I had left in the attic for nine months. So all my photography books and things like my pinboard that I use as my vision board. I’m excited to have all my visuals around me again!

But what does this all mean?

I have no problem taking action. Where I get stopped is the taking action even when I’m scared/tired/not feeling as positive or confident.

So my promise to you is that I will do everything to push through my ‘human need’ to hide, and I will aim high!

I am committed you live your dreams and I be that example! And I feel calmer having checked in with you, thank you!

If you haven’t seen already, I hit 800 followers on Twitter and you have the option of choosing a giveaway prize: so please let me know what you think.

Other than that I hope you have a super wonderful week!

How do you keep your dream on track?

Han x

Feminism meets Girl Boss

So I want to start off by admitting that I am both uncertain and slightly nervous about writing this post.

I actually had the post ready to go at the end of my train journey this morning. But it was just too heavy and kept sliding down a defensive path. Which is not what I or this blog is about. (She says defensively). Han Meets World is about exploring different avenues and creating an open and respectful space for others to live a life they love and are empowered by. So I request you create this with me when you read this blog ❤

Feminist: the person who believes in the political,
social and economic equality of the sexes.” 

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie did an interview with Stylist Magazine last week, and this is what gave me the nudge to write this. That, and I asked someone to lucky dip a blog idea for today.


To be quite honest with you, I don’t like it when people tell me I “need” feminism. The truth is, on paper I am a feminist and if you ask me I will tell you I am a feminist. Heck I want to buy the Prada t-shirt from SS17.

But I don’t “need” it. I don’t “need” to be told I “need” anything. To me, I am blessed with the wonderful world of choices. And what I choose is empowerment in my life. I choose to have it as a human being and I choose to encourage it in other human beings. Empowerment is the word that rings strongest for me and the choices I make.

What Adichie touches base on in her interview is about encouraging people to have fun with feminism and their beliefs. Her family is divided in their opinions, but what would make her happy is simply to encourage people to open up for at least a conversation about it.

And that is how I have wanted to bring feminism to the table. I don’t know how I have never got hold of Adichie’s literature before!?

Adichie mentions that now she has made a name for herself in this area, she gets invited to loads of feminism-related events, and she’s not pleased about it. It makes it more serious than necessary. Which I breathed a sigh of relief at. It was such a refreshing read to know that a big name like that could have a very open and realistic mindset.

As human beings we all have different priorities, and feminism is in fact a part of a lot of people’s agendas in one shape or another if we allow it to be brought to the table. If we allow different people’s experiences and interpretations to be voiced. And sadly no, they won’t always fit.

What is so fascinating to me however is that in the discussions I do have, no matter how windy criss-cross the path, most people will always end back at equality for all. Not always, but 9 times out of 10. So why do we get caught up on how everyone gets there?!

As an aspiring entrepreneur of 2017 – yep I went there – I choose to create equality where I go, do business with those interested in equality and stand alongside those who believe in equality. I don’t necessarily shout about feminism, but I subconsciously explore the realms of it and like all humans will find the bits that work for me and the direction I want to take with my life and work. In my life, it appears as creating the space for people to flourish in their authentic selves and go for the goals they really want.

Feminism is one of the wonderful expressions in which you can really get to understanding what matters to a person, so why not encourage that conversation? And listen? How do they use it proactively in their lives to make a difference? 

I encourage you, dear reader, to enjoy it!

Han x

Why entrepreneurialism?

So I asked a friend what she would like to see from this blog and I had that kind of ‘duh, why haven’t I thought of that yet’ moment.

She said that from a blog that was all about breaking into entrepreneurialism and being an example of someone living their best life, she would like to see a post on my ‘why’.

  • Why entrepreneurialism for me?
  • What keeps me motivated?


I choose entrepreneurialism for my love of dabbling. For the flexibility, the thrill of the uncertain – despite how uncomfortable I feel by being uncertain right now. The adventure. The freedom.

It is a hard slog and despite being someone who loves instant gratification and getting places quick, entrepreneurialism is a new challenge that I am taking on. Once you’re there you pat yourself on the back and find the next thing right. Well entrepreneurialism keeps my passion alive for creativity, community and adventure.

I choose financial freedom as an end goal. My stand is to be an inspiration for others living their best lives. And it’s tough. But I choose to be tenacious for my community.

I stay motivated by the people I get to inspire. I stay motivated by remembering that entrepreneurs live a couple of years how most wouldn’t for the decades that others wished they could. *By the way, the way I look at that last statement is that I am pushing for something outside of most people’s comfort zones, not that I want to point fingers…!

I stay motivated by who I am and reminding myself who I authentically am. I am playing a big game, and it’s not easy. But that’s the fun part. It’s not meant to be smooth-sailing all the time.

I stay motivated by that I care that people are lifted up. Are supported. Are loved.

Every minute counts.

I choose entrepreneurialism for the freedom to help and support others. The support I got and I want to share.

I stay motivated by the dreams that could be made and the action that might be created one day.

Working all over the world. Making connections wherever I go. Creating action whenever I choose.

I am an entrepreneur. It is in my soul. That is also why I stay motivated.

What is your ‘why’?

Han x

Han Meets Pinktrotters


Tuesday 1:03pm – One Block Down (Milan)

Don’t you just love it when you can make connections further afield? And discover such incredible people and stories.

Pinktrotters was born from the passion to create a safe network for women to travel. For women to connect and create lasting friendships. Based largely in Italy, it has become an incredible success across the country and created a whole new community for women.

I first discovered the company around autumn 2015 when I went looking for a travel subscription box for women, just out of curiosity. Then by February 2016, I was able to make my first event at the Lucy Choi shop in London.

Here I not only bought my first pair of designer heels but also met my gorgeous friend Amy who I ended up planning a trip to Milan with a year later!

We met Eliana (above) on her lunch break the second day of our visit.

One Block Down was literally like stepping off the Milanese streets and into Shoreditch. Walls with signs saying ‘Coffee lovers only’ and ‘Meet your matcha’ and the freshly squeezed juices keeping cool in the refrigerators. Not sure what was more hipster: the fact everything was in English (remember we were in Milan) or that it took up a third of a shoe shop…

*Such blog. Very fashion. 

Ideal location for convos about start-ups though, amirite!?

It was wonderful getting to know a likeminded person with goals, ambitions and passions for innovation and the unknown. We talked business, travel experiences and general loves.

Connections like these are what keep me motivated and #InspiredBy the world! People with ideas who want to make a positive difference to people’s lives and create a refreshing one.

Later that day we were super happy when Eliana joined us for dinner and cocktails along the cancel in Navigli where we talked upcoming creative projects and giggled over Bumble – let’s face it, it had to be done… It amused me either way!

What rounded the trip off perfectly for us was staying in the Pinktrotters flat space where we got a sneak peak into the operative side of the business, shush! Pink-inspired and a creative buzz in the air, I definitely recommend you host your event in this space! It is the perfect evening space.

Check out their Air BnB page here too.

Milan was absolutely gorgeous and it was the perfect place to begin building our connections.

What one action could you take to connect abroad?

Han x

 Ps. thank you Amy for being my intern (aka photographer, props holder, concept designer etc). 😂

What I look for at London Fashion Week

So London Fashion Week is back and of course there has been a flurry of excitement from media to the street.

This season I was interested in scouting out ideas and getting to know more about what goes on every season. From student to audience member to press to business head, I have been developing my taste in this mad mad world.

I began with a Fashion Tech talk at the Conde Nast College which was completely worth going to – if only to say that I’ve been to *the* Conde Nast College. I booked my ticket before Christmas and it was a great little surprise to find in my diary. I went to this talk looking for:

  • Ideas & inspiration.
  • Contacts – you never know who you will meet.
  • Information – what are the best things to know about right now from actual innovators.

It was totally worth the wait and I took a lot from it, if just for the networking and pitching experience. Watch people’s body language when they’re at the front of a room. How do they hold themselves? Where is their eye line? We pick it all up.

Would I go to something like this again? Yes! 100% worth it.


London Fashion Week Festival – Thursday evening.

Ok, so this was pretty special for me because I’ve been working literally down the street from LFW this season! It’s been pretty awesome being in the buzz working in Somerset House. I’ve been out in the courtyard at lunch time and you see some really awesome sights. Models having their pics taken, interviews, everything!

At first I was very unsure about buying a ticket for LFW Fest because of my money situation, but I knew I would kick myself if I didn’t. When is my office ever going to be *this* close to something so wonderful again!? (Watch this space).

I am VERY happy I have a tiny hole in my pocket right now. I watched a couple of Insta stories of people travelling over Waterloo Bridge and felt smug that all I had to do was walk five minutes down the road.

For me, it was SO wonderful to be immersed back in the Fashion world again! I miss the creativity and the wonder of it. The expression. What I looked for on this occasion was:

  • Ideas & inspiration.
  • People-watching – it’s SO interesting! You can really tell who is faking it and who is authentically there for something. Who is putting on a show and who is authentically present. It made me chuckle to myself.
  • To watch a designer show – for the experience of having done it. (I would never bother with a Trends show: buy a magazine or go on YouTube and save the dollar!).
  • Contacts – aside from the elites, I had had my eye on a couple of brands already and knew who I wanted to speak to. I found it interesting to get to know how the designers and company owners are in reality.
  • Makeovers – it’s great to get tips! I went for a touch-up rather than makeover at the Maybelline stand and was intrigued to see what the MUA would do. Being a person who prefers a more natural look with bold lipstick, I didn’t enjoy the angle she put on my eyebrows and the fact she put mascara on my bottom lashes. But other than that the concealer was just what I needed and I can’t believe how good contour looks on your eyes!

I didn’t bother with:

  • Photobooths – if I had been with a friend, I’m sure I would have said differently. But with Instagram and Snapchat, I didn’t see much personal point for the many booths that were available at Maybelline, label.m and Sunglasses Hut. But yes, for the companies it probably made sense.
  • Buying stuff. There is a whole floor decked out with designer sample sales and while some of the items were goooooorgeous, I just don’t want to “buy stuff” for the sake of a label. I want to buy something with meaning – and with actual money.
  • The talks – for me, I find talks in this industry unnecessary as most people tend to know what is being said. I almost went for the Industry Influencers talk, but I worried it would be too generic.

Would I go again? If I was officially invited or a friend wanted to go, yes. Otherwise it’s not going to be on my radar again next season.

And that’s everything up to date for me so far. This lunch time we’re headed to the Burberry Maker House, next week I’ll be going to the Mulberry Sample Sale and then also a very exciting trip on Monday!

Thank you for your feedback on Twitter about the types of photos you prefer, it has been noted and I will make sure I take more OOTDs.

Other than that, stay tuned for more in the next week!

What is your favourite part about the Fashion Week season?

Han x

What kind of leader are you?

With the success of the first #InspiredBy event on Sunday and a lot of exciting collaborations and feedback recently, it got me to thinking. What does it take in a person to be a successful leader?

It’s something I will personally be looking into for myself during my next self-development course for sure. But right now I invite you to have a think about what kind of leader you are.

Well, the first question foremost important question is: do you think you are a leader?

If you have a strong message/s you want to shout about, an attitude for action and passion for community. Then I’d say yes!

Taking action:

That is, the crucial difference in distinguishing a leader in any shape or form. I consider myself a leader because I take action, I am responsible – not to be confused with martyr – and I have plenty of mad ideas. I dragged my sister up to take some pics of me early on a Sunday morning because I had a mad idea… Turned out to be one of my best.

Just because I have ideas doesn’t mean I’m fantastic at being realistic per say, but that’s why you have your community. For the “woods” shoot I wanted to take my shoes off and go barefoot. But my sister told me off and said I would get cold – which I then did about five minutes later without my jacket… In one of my old jobs I worked with a woman who was great at listening to my mad ideas and then getting me to sit and actually work out the details/logistics. Take action, but learn to manage the creativity. I bounce ideas around with different people from work colleagues and friends to my mum.

Action, believe it or not, makes stuff happen. Produces results. This can be as small or as big as you wish.


Now I’m not talking stroppy, flouncy and demanding. I’m talking about your approach. I’m known for my hair flicks in most of my circles. That’s friends, work, family and even at coaching sessions.

How do you carry yourself?  How do you manage feedback? How do you manage your goals and your schedule?

Sassy, creative, bold and there for people, are just some of the reasons people keep me around. They read my work. They call me up. They socialise with me. I’m consistent in things. Who are you?

Attitude relates to your content as well. Would your content stand out without some attitude?!


Now I’m not talking spam comments and the occasional drop of likes. Do you have a supportive community to fall back on. Those who will both hug you and give you a *metaphorical* slap when you need it?

Through everything I’ve done that’s ever put me out there, I’ve always kept a circle of support. My ‘Hannah Time’ campaign it was my housemates and close friends, blogging it’s my coaching buds, close friends and accountability partner. Then I always go to my mum when I need snapping out of something, a metaphorical slap.

I wouldn’t be me without the support of my community and without a genuine interest in building one.

*Thanks for the help girlies!

They’re the ones who catch you and build you. Love them. And that goes for your approach with them: do you love and nurture others? That is the real sign of a true leader. None of this, tearing others down to get where you want. Putting people in place, yuck!

A leader builds and lifts everyone up together, and relies on their community to do the same.

I am super happy to officially announce that I am now a Coconut Lane Ambassador or Coconut Queen! Woohoo!! For a 20% discount on some sassy accessories – including some of those featured in this blog, enter hanmeetsworld20 at the check out! (And you’ll be helping me with a bit of commission too!)

The winner of the Coconut Lane giveaway is: El Rachel (@ellrachelx). Congrats lovely!

What would you add to the list? What kind of leader are you?

Han x

Creating a life I love: my next steps.

Ok, so I have shelter, a 9-5:30pm job and a life. Now what!?

Duh, everything! There is absolutely nothing stopping me from creating a life I love, except myself. So what next?

And you can do this with me 🙂

  1. Define what a whole and complete life looks like to you. It’s ok to be selfish here. If it’s a fast car you want, a marriage and kids, holidays in Bora Bora or a flat with heating (#LondonLiving): write it down. Choose your top four.
  2. Write down one action you can take a day for each of these goals for them to happen. Bonus challenge: write three small actions you can take for the top goal by the end of the day!
  3. Take action.
  4. Repeat until it is done.

For me, in this present moment, I have a wall planner with actions to work towards:

  1. Moving back to London.
  2. Becoming my own boss.
  3. Becoming a size 10 (UK) – my personal healthy size and where I personally feel fittest.
  4. Creating the relationship of my dreams – sure, I have a heart 😉

A budget plan has been created, I have reached out to multiple companies, cut out alcohol and have signed up to two dating apps (which goes against my instincts but hey, I’m getting in the zone at least).

The life you want is out there, if you are willing to make it happen. Which is the most important ingredient.

What action will you take next?

Han x


The art of being a nobody.

I was caught in a thought – as we often are – the other day.

Sure I want to get somewhere, put my name and my work ‘out there’. However, why am I so so focused and desperate to get “there”. What if I wake up one morning and I realise I never indulged in ‘being a nobody’. What if one day I wake up, and I miss it.

And the relief washed over me.

I really got clear that I want to build a name for myself. I want to reap the rewards of being financially free. I want to follow through on what makes me a stand for this world. But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy all parts of the journey.

I don’t have people stopping me for pictures. Screaming my name. Stalking me – I hope. Right now. Right now I’m just figuring my way forward and what I want to take from this journey.

Remembering this thought on the hour long commute home the other night, I couldn’t stop smiling to myself. That got me some stares.

Right now, I’m the girl with a secret. Strutting purposefully down the street, with pockets full of ideas unbeknownst to the world. Ready to pull some streamers.

Being nobody means that, to me, right now:

  • I can find my voice, experiment, and people won’t judge me too harshly.
  • I can walk down the street and all people look at me for is my weird strut – I walk a bit funny, k – or if I trip – which is not an uncommon occurrence.
  • I can share parts of myself or my ideas with you online, and not worry about someone else spinning something out of it.
  • My journey is just about to begin, and that is exciting!
  • I can walk around and no one quite knows what I am doing.

Anyway, the idea of this post was to say to you, dear reader, have your goals! But remember the ‘little nobody’ and the ‘little nothings’ that helped you build it. Enjoy them. Indulge in them. Document them.

They are the little treasures that make up who you are and will become. Show them some love.

I LOVE where I am right now. These little stages will build my life path.

We’re all wanting to make something of ourselves and make a difference in whatever shape or form that is or may be. I encourage you to appreciate the being you are in the present while you are building it.

Happy building!

Han x