Clearing out: Ibiza holiday in outfits.

Clearing out: Ibiza holiday in outfits.

So if you’re like me, you love to dress up. But if you’re also like me, you like to declutter. When one chapter closes, I like to welcome a new one by ditching things that don’t serve me any more. Namely clothing that doesn’t fit or act as an extension of who I am. I […]

My London Fashion Week Wishlist

My London Fashion Week Wishlist

  How is it September again already!? It feels like yesterday I was dodging mad fashion interns with their clothes racks outside Somerset House in the cool February air. What I love about Fashion Week is the spectacle of it. The shows themselves are beautiful. But it’s the story behind the lines that fascinate me. […]

Who is the modern day Barbie?

Who is the modern day Barbie?

Raise your hand if you grew up with Barbies. Ok, so I’m guessing the majority of you would have probably raised your hand. Whether you dressed them up and kept them pretty or you tore the heads off, cut their hair short and used them as Christmas tree ornaments (which from what I’ve read over […]

The power is in the detail: corporate dress on a budget.

So you’ve moved to London? Can afford the rent? Got the job? Can’t quite afford five separate luxury suits in a week? No problem! The attention is in the detail, and the attitude. If I have learned anything in the last year, your priority does not necessarily need to be in the shirt, but in the accessories. […]

Han Meets Pinktrotters

  Tuesday 1:03pm – One Block Down (Milan) Don’t you just love it when you can make connections further afield? And discover such incredible people and stories. Pinktrotters was born from the passion to create a safe network for women to travel. For women to connect and create lasting friendships. Based largely in Italy, it has […]

When in doubt, just add sparkle!

It has been a mad month. Setting out plans for my future while holding down a normal job and commuting to and fro. Looking after yourself can be easy to neglect. So when I was invited to a manicure at Backstage Beauty, it got me thinking just how perfect a little treat for myself could […]

What I look for at London Fashion Week

So London Fashion Week is back and of course there has been a flurry of excitement from media to the street. This season I was interested in scouting out ideas and getting to know more about what goes on every season. From student to audience member to press to business head, I have been developing my […]

My SS17 on-the-go products to look out for.

I never was one for make-up but since moving to London and having so many gorgeous and diverse brands available, it’s definitely something I’m getting into. Particularly when it comes to business meetings, networking and events. It just adds something for me. However, being someone who is currently living out of a suitcase and is […]

The Snapchat filters right now make for a good pick me up, amirite!?

I got the new iPhone 7 a couple of weeks ago and lemme tell you: the photos are crystal clear and stunning! It has made everything I love about social media FUN again! Including: the filters. I had let myself burn out a bit and it made for a bit of mopping. That was until […]

The old Sunday casual is the new Monday formal.

It’s Hump Day. And I’m talking the calendar kind. It’s Wednesday and after two whole days of work in full swing, all you can think about is the weekend, perhaps a glass of champers and getting back into your comfy trackies. So, can I tell you a secret? Yeah, there’s a cheeky lil’ solution to […]