3 Busy Girl handbag must-haves 2018.

Picture this, running from London spot to London spot. Meetings, lunches, after-work drinks. Life stops for no one. You need to have your basics down.

*I’m writing this during the one lunch time I have to myself this week while wolfing down an Itsu pot. I love this life! But it doesn’t just, happen.

1. “Work” lipstick. This is the one lipstick you only ever wear at, you guessed it, work. It never leaves the pocket of your bag because topping up during the work week is necessary. Whether it’s for an important cross-department meeting or a basic after-lunch top up. My go-to at the moment is “Mulberry” from the No7 Boots range.

2. Spare shoes. You were not meant to live your life literally on your toes. Always have a spare pair of flats/tennis shoes for when you aren’t in the office. I know my knees are happier for it. Personally I’m in love with my black Nike Lifestyles at the moment.

3. Hand cream. I don’t know about you, but I forsake gloves a lot during the week so that I can check my phone when out and about. Or think about the harsh soaps that usually haunt office bathrooms. Your hands have to put up with a lot in this cold. They need to be looked after! I am loving the Urban Veda Sandalwood at the moment.

Bonus: a decent-sized tote bag for your daily stuff. The lunch box, the tube book, the make up, the shoes, the cute top for Thursday Drinks. You have a lot to carry in a day but that doesn’t mean you have to look like a cart horse carrying it. Invest in a decent sized tote bag or satchel so you can feel great carrying your load. If you want to go a step further, think consciously and go for a leather alternative. I am in love with my new vegan leather red tote from Matt & Natt.

And there you have it, simple steps that keep you looking and feeling profesh while juggling your busy life.

Is there anything you would add?

Han x


Stylist Live 2017: VIP vs. Bronze tickets.

Last year’s Stylist Live was a tremendous success in my eyes.

I bought a Silver Friday ticket so I could watch a particular blogging talk and see a couple of YouTubers I looked up to at the time. I watched the catwalk – baring in mind I had just got back from writing Press for London and Paris Fashion Week so this was downsizing in my naive-at-the-time mind. I met even more inspiring women online, and connected with huge brands I would never have imagined being able to connect with like Swarovski. I came away with ideas aplenty and excitement in my eyes.

This year was, ok.

VIP/Gold ticket:

Back in March I was offered a discount on tickets and, having seen the luxury on offer to VIPs last year, I took a leap of faith and bought a Gold ticket. By the time it came around, I was feeling Christmas Eve-like anticipation. I picked out my favourite outfit like a six year old would too.

The pro’s were:

  • The ‘goodies’: so with your ticket you got a goodie bag that included products from Eco Tools and Pukka Tea as well as a treatment, glitter make up and food and drinks. I was particularly thankful for the food, that worked out very well at 1pm and 4pm.
  • Access to the front row of catwalks straightaway. It’s either the front or the back stood up for me. There is absolutely no point to a catwalk if you’re placed in the middle – if I wanted to watch the show from an iPhone I would have stayed at home.
  • The VIP area: from midday-2pm it became absolute chaos, so being able to retreat to the VIP access was very helpful. They also had water and snacks on hand for a little energy boost.

The con’s were:

  • It didn’t feel like a VIP experience: this year everyone was grabbing as much free stash as they could from stalls. The VIP area was equally vicious. As soon as anyone looked like they had something else to offer, it got savage.
    Maybe I came on the wrong day, but it just didn’t have that exciting feel this year.
  • The queues: I thought the whole point of VIP was that you didn’t have to wait. Intuitively I knew to ditch the cloak room and head straight to the VIP treatments when I first arrived. I went in straightaway, and came out and the queue had begun already and it showed no sign of stopping all day. There were twenty minute queues for each food stall, ‘VIP station’ and cloakroom. This only worsened when you got on the main exhibition floor and you had the same chance of getting into the free talks and stalls as everyone else.
    Forgive me if this sounds snobby, but I had kind of hoped that with a Gold ticket you would be given priority access to the talks and the catwalks. Nope. I had to scramble for a front row seat in the talk I paid for. And anyone was allowed to sit in the front row of the catwalk, and access the free talks.
  • I didn’t pay for the experience, I paid for a food package. I dropped the money six months ago so I didn’t feel like I was eating into my wages by eating at the event.
    The VIP-ers came away with pretty much the same experience as any other Stylist Live attendee. There wasn’t even a phone charging station in the end – which was a huge contribution last year.


  • I really didn’t notice a difference with the Bronze ticket. The only difference was I had my sister with me on Sunday so I treated it the same as I would have if we were walking round Westfield. We got our hair done, saw our childhood favourites Reggie Yates and Fearne Cotton speak and had a couple of laughs together. We made of it what we wanted to.


So I sound like a bit of a negative ninny throughout this post. But I did meet a couple of very inspiring women and made a couple of contacts I’m excited to follow up with. It was exciting to walk round and see people I know working on the stands as well – very much pleased for their successes. I also thoroughly enjoyed Laura Jane Williams’ talk on ‘Blogging to Bestseller’ and meeting her was a fabulous moment for me. You fan girl meeting celebrities, I fan girl over influencers, k?!

However, unless the general line-up picks up next year, I won’t be investing in a ticket. After half a year of waiting, the overall ‘experience’ was underwhelming. I am just happy I have learned the value of not caring when people stare at me, and I can make what I want from an event.

Did you go to Stylist Live this year? What did you think?

Han x


Clearing out: Ibiza holiday in outfits.

So if you’re like me, you love to dress up. But if you’re also like me, you like to declutter.

When one chapter closes, I like to welcome a new one by ditching things that don’t serve me any more. Namely clothing that doesn’t fit or act as an extension of who I am.

I lost two dress sizes over the course of the last year which was not so much a weight loss thing as a discovering what made me put the weight on in the first place.

I LOVE food, don’t get me wrong! How could I have lived in Spain and Brazil without loving food!? But there have been intervals in my life where I’ve had a toxic relationship with it in order to bury stress or anxiety or fear. Sometimes anger or hurt.

But the tough stuff aside! I wanted to celebrate a couple of these outfits one last time and play dress up.

Homage to the freedom I feel.

I bought this dress from a street fair in Guildford and the Havianas from a shopping centre in Florianópolis (Brazil). I’ve used this dress for Year 13 prom, second year Summer Languages Ball and a couple of times in summer generally. It’s pretty well travelled and the ties are definitely worn.

It was perfect for the evening walk to the fort, but I’m not sure if it will survive another summer.

I love dressing up!

This little number is not quite ready to go. But I love the combination so I’m sharing it here. Just right for cocktails and casual late night tapas.

Outfit: New Look. Face: Urban Decay.

So this is an example of an outfit that was thrown out after one last wear.

I loved these shorts when I first bought them! I wanted something that stood out a little and were wacky. Coupled with my oversize Wrangler jacket they used to fit the bill perfectly.

Now they feel big and don’t give me the confidence I once got from them. So one last wear after the beach and they never came home.

Shorts: H&M. Top: Topshop. Bag: Zara.

Although this skirt is a little too big on my waist, I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to this outfit yet. It’s one of the outfits I’ve always felt good in. Perfect for day and night events. I wore this for our Pacha night out and regretted nothing.

Outfit: New Look. Palette: Urban Decay Electric.

*Calling All Stars come on.

And one final mention is my bikini of the holiday.

Again, bought in a different time. This bikini has served me well, but it no longer does what I want it to for me. So after some lazy afternoons on the beach, the worn bikini went along with a tired-looking striped shirt I bought to go with it last summer.

Bikini: Primark. Pool: Ushuaia.

And there you have it.

While my heart felt lighter than my suitcase on the flight home – I have no idea how I still couldn’t close that case properly – it felt good to acknowledge and close another chapter of my life.

Clear out and ready to welcome the next chapter!

Do you have a favourite clear out moment?

Han x


My London Fashion Week Wishlist


How is it September again already!? It feels like yesterday I was dodging mad fashion interns with their clothes racks outside Somerset House in the cool February air.

What I love about Fashion Week is the spectacle of it. The shows themselves are beautiful. But it’s the story behind the lines that fascinate me. And the way attendees of the shows carry and dress themselves. The fashion world is like a beautiful rabbit hole you wouldn’t ever want to leave. Like a dazzling world of fabrics and labels and wonder.

Unfortunately I will not be doing anything too spectacular this season due to work reasons. Trust me, I’m hurting. A LOT.

But a girl can dream right? And as such, if I were to be attending any London shows this year, this would be my dream wardrobe.

Coat – Burberry


Shirt – Missguided from Love The Sales


Trousers – Stella McCartney


Clutch bag – Balenciaga from Love The Sales


Shoes – Dune


My shows of choice would most definitely be Chanel and Burberry. They always have a story to tell and a performance to give.

What would be your dream LFW outfit?

Han x


Who is the modern day Barbie?

Raise your hand if you grew up with Barbies. Ok, so I’m guessing the majority of you would have probably raised your hand. Whether you dressed them up and kept them pretty or you tore the heads off, cut their hair short and used them as Christmas tree ornaments (which from what I’ve read over the years seems to be more common than we think…).

Personally I loved to keep mine pretty, dress them in long dresses and they would play heroes. Then as I got a little older I tried styling their hair and getting a little more creative. I think we (my sister and I) put tattoos on one of them with black felt tip pen too – which later smudged.

Photographer: @ohitssare

As a brand, Barbie has evolved quite a bit with the release of the “curvy” (read “normal”) proportioned doll range being released alongside many other positive actions.

So what does the modern day Barbie look like?

She is strong, courageous and a multitasker. She looks good in whatever she wears as long as she is comfortable. She is smart and conscious.

She can wear a pretty skirt and still kick butt. She can enjoy pretty skirts and want to get her hands dirty.

It doesn’t matter what size she is, providing she is happy in herself and her life.

She can love a Ken or a Christie. She can love more than one Ken or Christie. Heck she might go after an Action Man or Beanie Baby – I feel like I’m showing my age with that last one…

Barbie is in control of her life and she can do whatever she wants with it. But stay true to herself!

The modern day Barbie lives her dream life however that looks like. It’s hers, and she can swap her roles however she likes.

I know I love to wear pretty dresses, but I wear them my way. I know I multitask on a daily basis, but I choose my schedule and my outcomes. I know I would like to have a family of my own one day, but I won’t go back to my first love to create it.

The modern day Barbie is her own role model for her own community.

Now you may not want to think of yourself as on par with Barbie. So let me ask you more generally, how are you a role model to your community through being exactly who you are? (Because trust me, you are).

Han x

  • T-shirt: Missguided Barbie range (size 10 – it’s baggy, watch out!)
  • Skirt: ASOS.
  • Cullottes: Primark.
  • Shoes: Lucy Choi.
  • Make Up & Hair: styled by Broadway Studios.

The power is in the detail: corporate dress on a budget.

So you’ve moved to London? Can afford the rent? Got the job? Can’t quite afford five separate luxury suits in a week? No problem! The attention is in the detail, and the attitude.

If I have learned anything in the last year, your priority does not necessarily need to be in the shirt, but in the accessories. Namely bags, jewellery and jackets. Maybe shoes a little bit further down the line.

For a corporate professional look, remember:

  • Boobs, shoulders, stomach away!
  • Black, white, grey and blue are the primary colours to aim for, but depending on your company or industry you might be able to get away with some statement something i.e. shoes are a good one to test with.
  • I don’t like being the person who says this, but make-up is like a warrior mask and I recommend wearing a base layer to add that extra something to your overall presentation. Even if you are behind a screen. (And to avoid questions about your health and sleep – it’s important but yes I naturally have slightly blotchy skin, k?!).

These are kind of unspoken rules which only a few companies tend to have written down so take note while you can!


*Cielle London

What I have learned on top of this is:

  • Bracelets, rings and necklaces are key. My general corporate wardrobe consists of Forever 21, New Look and a couple of old Primark pieces I intend to throw out on my next pay day. But one simple ring or bracelet and your outfit is lifted. In my repertoire I have my Pandora bracelet from my 21st, my Tiffany’s graduation bracelet and a ring from Cielle London which has been appointed my ‘power ring’. When I put this ring on and look down at it, I get an instant power boost.
  • Think classic. Sure I have owned them for longer than is probably tasteful, but you really cannot go wrong with a long coat and vintage bag. Or vintage coat and a high street clutch. Whatever takes your fancy. If you can get your hands on vintage something – and no, not the kind people have pulled out of their damp basement and slapped a ‘London price’ on in Shoreditch – I tell you it works with every season. I pulled the bag in my picture from a pile of clothes in a tiny little vintage shop in Paris for €5 and it has lasted incredibly well. Other favourites include an over-sized Wrangler jacket for £18 from a shop just off Brick Lane.
  • Lipstick. Now I’ve stopped wearing bold lipstick recently but depending on your industry – or the occasion – I have found that a touch of red lipstick equals instant confidence. Or a sparkly eyeshadow pencil from Charlotte Tilbury. Whatever you feel comfortable with.
  • Heels. Coming from someone who has dodgy knees and is above average height I shouldn’t really be suggesting this. But sometimes it literally gives you a boost, and literally makes you feel taller. And a good pair of heels are always worth investing in. My prized heels are the ones from Lucy Choi (see below), but New Look are good if you are more interested in general comfort.

All this said, you might not be able to indulge in luxury, and that’s completely ok! That’s a little side love of mine. Saving for one luxury statement. But there are plenty of places to go that sell sparkly classics for a third of the price. Accessorize is a great contender as well as New Look and Topshop.

When starting out – or even going forward – looking the ‘London part’ does not mean you have to break the bank. While some will just love to tell you about the story of their Gucci bag, do you really think everyone actually forks out!? Your manager might wear an Armani suit, but does he also have to commute in because he can’t afford a London house?

Think tall, think courageous, think bold! That is the only real accessory you need.

Go play big!

Han x


Dress: Boohoo
Jacket: Zara
Bag: vintage
Shoes: Lucy Choi
Accessories: Cielle


Han Meets Pinktrotters


Tuesday 1:03pm – One Block Down (Milan)

Don’t you just love it when you can make connections further afield? And discover such incredible people and stories.

Pinktrotters was born from the passion to create a safe network for women to travel. For women to connect and create lasting friendships. Based largely in Italy, it has become an incredible success across the country and created a whole new community for women.

I first discovered the company around autumn 2015 when I went looking for a travel subscription box for women, just out of curiosity. Then by February 2016, I was able to make my first event at the Lucy Choi shop in London.

Here I not only bought my first pair of designer heels but also met my gorgeous friend Amy who I ended up planning a trip to Milan with a year later!

We met Eliana (above) on her lunch break the second day of our visit.

One Block Down was literally like stepping off the Milanese streets and into Shoreditch. Walls with signs saying ‘Coffee lovers only’ and ‘Meet your matcha’ and the freshly squeezed juices keeping cool in the refrigerators. Not sure what was more hipster: the fact everything was in English (remember we were in Milan) or that it took up a third of a shoe shop…

*Such blog. Very fashion. 

Ideal location for convos about start-ups though, amirite!?

It was wonderful getting to know a likeminded person with goals, ambitions and passions for innovation and the unknown. We talked business, travel experiences and general loves.

Connections like these are what keep me motivated and #InspiredBy the world! People with ideas who want to make a positive difference to people’s lives and create a refreshing one.

Later that day we were super happy when Eliana joined us for dinner and cocktails along the cancel in Navigli where we talked upcoming creative projects and giggled over Bumble – let’s face it, it had to be done… It amused me either way!

What rounded the trip off perfectly for us was staying in the Pinktrotters flat space where we got a sneak peak into the operative side of the business, shush! Pink-inspired and a creative buzz in the air, I definitely recommend you host your event in this space! It is the perfect evening space.

Check out their Air BnB page here too.

Milan was absolutely gorgeous and it was the perfect place to begin building our connections.

What one action could you take to connect abroad?

Han x

 Ps. thank you Amy for being my intern (aka photographer, props holder, concept designer etc). 😂


When in doubt, just add sparkle!

It has been a mad month. Setting out plans for my future while holding down a normal job and commuting to and fro. Looking after yourself can be easy to neglect.

So when I was invited to a manicure at Backstage Beauty, it got me thinking just how perfect a little treat for myself could be. Especially with Fashion Week season just getting started at the time as well.


Ensconced in luxury, the tiny little salon resides in Mayfair and boasts a varied and impressive portfolio. Rushing between work and coaching commitments, I had enough time to get a spruce, shellac and I believe a proper setting gel.


I was super happy with the result and it has lasted about two weeks and various situations. All that’s left is three days in Milan and it will have served its purpose.


I was left feeling super glamorous – it helped hopping straight into a black cab for my next appointment as well #ohsolondon. I am normally not a sparkly beauty person, but for nail polish I make the exception. What’s better than a little reminder of your awesomeness? A little sparkle!


Check out Book Your Lifestyle for more information on Backstage Beauty and for your own ‘sparkle’ treatment.

What is your favourite way to treat yo’self?

Han x




What I look for at London Fashion Week

So London Fashion Week is back and of course there has been a flurry of excitement from media to the street.

This season I was interested in scouting out ideas and getting to know more about what goes on every season. From student to audience member to press to business head, I have been developing my taste in this mad mad world.

I began with a Fashion Tech talk at the Conde Nast College which was completely worth going to – if only to say that I’ve been to *the* Conde Nast College. I booked my ticket before Christmas and it was a great little surprise to find in my diary. I went to this talk looking for:

  • Ideas & inspiration.
  • Contacts – you never know who you will meet.
  • Information – what are the best things to know about right now from actual innovators.

It was totally worth the wait and I took a lot from it, if just for the networking and pitching experience. Watch people’s body language when they’re at the front of a room. How do they hold themselves? Where is their eye line? We pick it all up.

Would I go to something like this again? Yes! 100% worth it.


London Fashion Week Festival – Thursday evening.

Ok, so this was pretty special for me because I’ve been working literally down the street from LFW this season! It’s been pretty awesome being in the buzz working in Somerset House. I’ve been out in the courtyard at lunch time and you see some really awesome sights. Models having their pics taken, interviews, everything!

At first I was very unsure about buying a ticket for LFW Fest because of my money situation, but I knew I would kick myself if I didn’t. When is my office ever going to be *this* close to something so wonderful again!? (Watch this space).

I am VERY happy I have a tiny hole in my pocket right now. I watched a couple of Insta stories of people travelling over Waterloo Bridge and felt smug that all I had to do was walk five minutes down the road.

For me, it was SO wonderful to be immersed back in the Fashion world again! I miss the creativity and the wonder of it. The expression. What I looked for on this occasion was:

  • Ideas & inspiration.
  • People-watching – it’s SO interesting! You can really tell who is faking it and who is authentically there for something. Who is putting on a show and who is authentically present. It made me chuckle to myself.
  • To watch a designer show – for the experience of having done it. (I would never bother with a Trends show: buy a magazine or go on YouTube and save the dollar!).
  • Contacts – aside from the elites, I had had my eye on a couple of brands already and knew who I wanted to speak to. I found it interesting to get to know how the designers and company owners are in reality.
  • Makeovers – it’s great to get tips! I went for a touch-up rather than makeover at the Maybelline stand and was intrigued to see what the MUA would do. Being a person who prefers a more natural look with bold lipstick, I didn’t enjoy the angle she put on my eyebrows and the fact she put mascara on my bottom lashes. But other than that the concealer was just what I needed and I can’t believe how good contour looks on your eyes!

I didn’t bother with:

  • Photobooths – if I had been with a friend, I’m sure I would have said differently. But with Instagram and Snapchat, I didn’t see much personal point for the many booths that were available at Maybelline, label.m and Sunglasses Hut. But yes, for the companies it probably made sense.
  • Buying stuff. There is a whole floor decked out with designer sample sales and while some of the items were goooooorgeous, I just don’t want to “buy stuff” for the sake of a label. I want to buy something with meaning – and with actual money.
  • The talks – for me, I find talks in this industry unnecessary as most people tend to know what is being said. I almost went for the Industry Influencers talk, but I worried it would be too generic.

Would I go again? If I was officially invited or a friend wanted to go, yes. Otherwise it’s not going to be on my radar again next season.

And that’s everything up to date for me so far. This lunch time we’re headed to the Burberry Maker House, next week I’ll be going to the Mulberry Sample Sale and then also a very exciting trip on Monday!

Thank you for your feedback on Twitter about the types of photos you prefer, it has been noted and I will make sure I take more OOTDs.

Other than that, stay tuned for more in the next week!

What is your favourite part about the Fashion Week season?

Han x


My SS17 on-the-go products to look out for.


I never was one for make-up but since moving to London and having so many gorgeous and diverse brands available, it’s definitely something I’m getting into. Particularly when it comes to business meetings, networking and events. It just adds something for me.

However, being someone who is currently living out of a suitcase and is on the go quite a bit at the moment, I need products that aren’t going to take up a lot of weight and space, are quick to apply and look fabulous.

These are what I came up with Luxe Nomad:

  • Chanel compact mirror: I used to have a much cheaper one from Boots, but I could never clean it and it looked dull. I have been meaning to invest in this little product for a while and I absolutely adore this little scoop. It is much slimmer than I was expecting and comes with a little velvet pouch so it doesn’t get scratched or marked. I feel a little more fabulous and confident when I look into it.
  • Urban Decay Mattifying Powder: I don’t know about you but I find at the end of the day that the concealer has slipped into the lines under my eyes and sits there looking a bit weird. Not such a great look when you’ve been meeting people all day. I asked someone at the counter about it though and she handed me this! And while I’m not a massive fan of powder, it has definitely been a saving grace as it fixes the liquid on your eyes better and has a mirror inside so you can touch it up around the clock.
  • Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Pencil “Champagne Diamonds”: I would never ever ever have thought to buy this if I hadn’t got chatting to one of the girls who worked in the shop. I’ve talked about it in a vlog, I L O V E this product! It’s super easy to apply, sets in 30 seconds and gives an edge to my look for the day. I am typically a strict matte girl so this is quite a breakthrough for me, haha!

Think I have missed anything? Which are your favourite on the go products to look out for this season?

Han x