Han Meets Pinktrotters


Tuesday 1:03pm – One Block Down (Milan)

Don’t you just love it when you can make connections further afield? And discover such incredible people and stories.

Pinktrotters was born from the passion to create a safe network for women to travel. For women to connect and create lasting friendships. Based largely in Italy, it has become an incredible success across the country and created a whole new community for women.

I first discovered the company around autumn 2015 when I went looking for a travel subscription box for women, just out of curiosity. Then by February 2016, I was able to make my first event at the Lucy Choi shop in London.

Here I not only bought my first pair of designer heels but also met my gorgeous friend Amy who I ended up planning a trip to Milan with a year later!

We met Eliana (above) on her lunch break the second day of our visit.

One Block Down was literally like stepping off the Milanese streets and into Shoreditch. Walls with signs saying ‘Coffee lovers only’ and ‘Meet your matcha’ and the freshly squeezed juices keeping cool in the refrigerators. Not sure what was more hipster: the fact everything was in English (remember we were in Milan) or that it took up a third of a shoe shop…

*Such blog. Very fashion. 

Ideal location for convos about start-ups though, amirite!?

It was wonderful getting to know a likeminded person with goals, ambitions and passions for innovation and the unknown. We talked business, travel experiences and general loves.

Connections like these are what keep me motivated and #InspiredBy the world! People with ideas who want to make a positive difference to people’s lives and create a refreshing one.

Later that day we were super happy when Eliana joined us for dinner and cocktails along the cancel in Navigli where we talked upcoming creative projects and giggled over Bumble – let’s face it, it had to be done… It amused me either way!

What rounded the trip off perfectly for us was staying in the Pinktrotters flat space where we got a sneak peak into the operative side of the business, shush! Pink-inspired and a creative buzz in the air, I definitely recommend you host your event in this space! It is the perfect evening space.

Check out their Air BnB page here too.

Milan was absolutely gorgeous and it was the perfect place to begin building our connections.

What one action could you take to connect abroad?

Han x

 Ps. thank you Amy for being my intern (aka photographer, props holder, concept designer etc). 😂

When in doubt, just add sparkle!

It has been a mad month. Setting out plans for my future while holding down a normal job and commuting to and fro. Looking after yourself can be easy to neglect.

So when I was invited to a manicure at Backstage Beauty, it got me thinking just how perfect a little treat for myself could be. Especially with Fashion Week season just getting started at the time as well.


Ensconced in luxury, the tiny little salon resides in Mayfair and boasts a varied and impressive portfolio. Rushing between work and coaching commitments, I had enough time to get a spruce, shellac and I believe a proper setting gel.


I was super happy with the result and it has lasted about two weeks and various situations. All that’s left is three days in Milan and it will have served its purpose.


I was left feeling super glamorous – it helped hopping straight into a black cab for my next appointment as well #ohsolondon. I am normally not a sparkly beauty person, but for nail polish I make the exception. What’s better than a little reminder of your awesomeness? A little sparkle!


Check out Book Your Lifestyle for more information on Backstage Beauty and for your own ‘sparkle’ treatment.

What is your favourite way to treat yo’self?

Han x



What I look for at London Fashion Week

So London Fashion Week is back and of course there has been a flurry of excitement from media to the street.

This season I was interested in scouting out ideas and getting to know more about what goes on every season. From student to audience member to press to business head, I have been developing my taste in this mad mad world.

I began with a Fashion Tech talk at the Conde Nast College which was completely worth going to – if only to say that I’ve been to *the* Conde Nast College. I booked my ticket before Christmas and it was a great little surprise to find in my diary. I went to this talk looking for:

  • Ideas & inspiration.
  • Contacts – you never know who you will meet.
  • Information – what are the best things to know about right now from actual innovators.

It was totally worth the wait and I took a lot from it, if just for the networking and pitching experience. Watch people’s body language when they’re at the front of a room. How do they hold themselves? Where is their eye line? We pick it all up.

Would I go to something like this again? Yes! 100% worth it.


London Fashion Week Festival – Thursday evening.

Ok, so this was pretty special for me because I’ve been working literally down the street from LFW this season! It’s been pretty awesome being in the buzz working in Somerset House. I’ve been out in the courtyard at lunch time and you see some really awesome sights. Models having their pics taken, interviews, everything!

At first I was very unsure about buying a ticket for LFW Fest because of my money situation, but I knew I would kick myself if I didn’t. When is my office ever going to be *this* close to something so wonderful again!? (Watch this space).

I am VERY happy I have a tiny hole in my pocket right now. I watched a couple of Insta stories of people travelling over Waterloo Bridge and felt smug that all I had to do was walk five minutes down the road.

For me, it was SO wonderful to be immersed back in the Fashion world again! I miss the creativity and the wonder of it. The expression. What I looked for on this occasion was:

  • Ideas & inspiration.
  • People-watching – it’s SO interesting! You can really tell who is faking it and who is authentically there for something. Who is putting on a show and who is authentically present. It made me chuckle to myself.
  • To watch a designer show – for the experience of having done it. (I would never bother with a Trends show: buy a magazine or go on YouTube and save the dollar!).
  • Contacts – aside from the elites, I had had my eye on a couple of brands already and knew who I wanted to speak to. I found it interesting to get to know how the designers and company owners are in reality.
  • Makeovers – it’s great to get tips! I went for a touch-up rather than makeover at the Maybelline stand and was intrigued to see what the MUA would do. Being a person who prefers a more natural look with bold lipstick, I didn’t enjoy the angle she put on my eyebrows and the fact she put mascara on my bottom lashes. But other than that the concealer was just what I needed and I can’t believe how good contour looks on your eyes!

I didn’t bother with:

  • Photobooths – if I had been with a friend, I’m sure I would have said differently. But with Instagram and Snapchat, I didn’t see much personal point for the many booths that were available at Maybelline, label.m and Sunglasses Hut. But yes, for the companies it probably made sense.
  • Buying stuff. There is a whole floor decked out with designer sample sales and while some of the items were goooooorgeous, I just don’t want to “buy stuff” for the sake of a label. I want to buy something with meaning – and with actual money.
  • The talks – for me, I find talks in this industry unnecessary as most people tend to know what is being said. I almost went for the Industry Influencers talk, but I worried it would be too generic.

Would I go again? If I was officially invited or a friend wanted to go, yes. Otherwise it’s not going to be on my radar again next season.

And that’s everything up to date for me so far. This lunch time we’re headed to the Burberry Maker House, next week I’ll be going to the Mulberry Sample Sale and then also a very exciting trip on Monday!

Thank you for your feedback on Twitter about the types of photos you prefer, it has been noted and I will make sure I take more OOTDs.

Other than that, stay tuned for more in the next week!

What is your favourite part about the Fashion Week season?

Han x

My SS17 on-the-go products to look out for.


I never was one for make-up but since moving to London and having so many gorgeous and diverse brands available, it’s definitely something I’m getting into. Particularly when it comes to business meetings, networking and events. It just adds something for me.

However, being someone who is currently living out of a suitcase and is on the go quite a bit at the moment, I need products that aren’t going to take up a lot of weight and space, are quick to apply and look fabulous.

These are what I came up with Luxe Nomad:

  • Chanel compact mirror: I used to have a much cheaper one from Boots, but I could never clean it and it looked dull. I have been meaning to invest in this little product for a while and I absolutely adore this little scoop. It is much slimmer than I was expecting and comes with a little velvet pouch so it doesn’t get scratched or marked. I feel a little more fabulous and confident when I look into it.
  • Urban Decay Mattifying Powder: I don’t know about you but I find at the end of the day that the concealer has slipped into the lines under my eyes and sits there looking a bit weird. Not such a great look when you’ve been meeting people all day. I asked someone at the counter about it though and she handed me this! And while I’m not a massive fan of powder, it has definitely been a saving grace as it fixes the liquid on your eyes better and has a mirror inside so you can touch it up around the clock.
  • Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Pencil “Champagne Diamonds”: I would never ever ever have thought to buy this if I hadn’t got chatting to one of the girls who worked in the shop. I’ve talked about it in a vlog, I L O V E this product! It’s super easy to apply, sets in 30 seconds and gives an edge to my look for the day. I am typically a strict matte girl so this is quite a breakthrough for me, haha!

Think I have missed anything? Which are your favourite on the go products to look out for this season?

Han x

The Snapchat filters right now make for a good pick me up, amirite!?

I got the new iPhone 7 a couple of weeks ago and lemme tell you: the photos are crystal clear and stunning!

It has made everything I love about social media FUN again! Including: the filters.

I had let myself burn out a bit and it made for a bit of mopping.

That was until BAM I got on the mucking about with the Snapchat filter game, and let me tell you: it made for an ego boost and a half.

Yep, I gave into the popular hype and played…

From the headwear vanity to the meme-esque weirdness:

It was SO perfect for a quick pick me up!

I feel like a very stereotypical blogger giving into them but how can you not when you look (mostly) flawless!?

Which one is your current favourite? If you could personalise a filter what would it be?

Han x

The old Sunday casual is the new Monday formal.

It’s Hump Day. And I’m talking the calendar kind.

It’s Wednesday and after two whole days of work in full swing, all you can think about is the weekend, perhaps a glass of champers and getting back into your comfy trackies.


So, can I tell you a secret?

Yeah, there’s a cheeky lil’ solution to that. Well, sadly not the champagne part but the trackies part…


That’s right! Pinstripes have been refashioned for those uncomfortable days at the desk and long journeys. Pinstripe trackies are in! Dare I say it, elasticated waist and all.


While I definitely wouldn’t style it like we see on the Topshop mannequins, it certainly lives into the entrepreneurial ideal. *And also works for people who, like me, have slightly different body proportions.

Style and comfort: the only thing businesswomen will be whipping off is their bras when they walk through the door.


What’s your favourite way to style trackies?

Han x



*Jacket – Zara

*Shirt – Jon Adams

*Trackies – Bershka

*Boots – Primark

*Scarf – street market

*Bag – Graffity (vintage)

*Lipstick – Urban Decay (After Dark Matte)

Oops, I was just fixing my hair!


So first of all I need to apologise for my lack of blogging and no explanation.

Normally this would be where I explain, but I have decided that that story doesn’t matter. Life happens (moving, phone company stuff, job stuff, stuff I didn’t see coming).

The point is that I am back, am fighting against my old way of being (to give up) and I have a plan.

A Christmas interval if you will.

Some have it in the weeks between Christmas and New Years, turns out mine came earlier.

A time for getting present again, planting both feet on the ground and warming up to get back in the game.

I would appreciate your feedback though.

Which content do you prefer to read? What kind of photographs? What kind of videos?

Let me know, and I’ll be back tomorrow!

Han x

Version 2

“Sozzles, I just had to fix my hair.”

Inspiring Leaders – Ziggy Stardust

So far I’ve picked living influencers, now it’s time to turn to the past.

Version 2

The late David Bowie turned the pop industry on its head and put it back its toes again. You and I know, dear reader, that he was and is an icon.


He inspired generations to challenge the status quo. To take what society wanted you to be and proved that being yourself is the key to living powerfully.

Version 2

Ziggy Stardust – an alien – catapulted him into fame and got him his recognition. In being his creative Self, all mad colours and theatrical movement. He found his voice.

Version 2

While physically not present on this earth, Bowie continues to inspire many to remember him. Through costume, party themes and other creative gigs.


Even with the change of time, Bowie inspires individual expression and a hero in everyone. From which every generation can take note.

Version 2

We’re living in an exciting time when individuality is being strongly encouraged and celebrated.

So how will you express your greatness?

Han x

The rise of the young entrepreneur – Men.

So I’ve been struggling a bit as to what to write with these photos, so I’ve settled on the behind the scenes reasons I wanted to work with Komodo and these clothes.

With the rise of the Digital Nomad, and the increasing awareness of sustainable and ethical living, a new age conscious entrepreneur is rising. One with an environmental awareness. One that in travelling and increasing their carbon footprint, will be – or at least ought to be if you ask me – considering the affects they will be having on our natural world.

In searching for ethical clothing brands, I came across Komodo – a local London brand – who I actually got in contact with because they followed me back on Twitter.

Sounds like a vain reason, right? Or at least not the whole story.

Well, it is! It seems to be that ethical brands or brands with morals have a higher percentage of, not only employee engagement but also customer engagement. They instil an excitement for the brand in their employees which in turn translates when they interact with their customers. They have a message and a story to be excited about and it comes across in their interactions with customers – trust me, I have had first-hand experience of this.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

London. A beautiful, intriguing and intimidating city. A part of the millennial graduate milestone.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Called the Big Smoke for a reason, it is about time we started thinking not only about what we put in our bodies but also what we put on our bodies and in our environment.

Komodo has been working on clothing made from Hemp, Bamboo and other sustainable materials since the 90s. A concept that is largely talked about but not put into action so much.

The models said they were super happy with the clothing and that they were really comfortable.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For this shoot I asked my two models to pick an outfit they liked best and then I picked the outerwear. I wanted to make sure these photos reflected the personalities of the two guys in them. Because honestly, they could be anyone and anything from these pictures.

From a young businessman/woman to a social media star, twenty-somethings are now making money and running businesses from their electronic devices. There is no correlation between age and success anymore, because it is all around. Sat next to you on a bench or taking selfies in a crowd of tourists – or followers.

Like what you see? All clothes featured in this blog, aside from the scarf and shoes) are available for purchase from Komodo.

Which is your favourite piece?

Han x

Feeling Scentered: a little TLC on the go.

This is not a post about taking a bubble bath or giving myself chocolate.


Everyone treats themselves differently. It used to be putting my comfiest socks on, a hot chocolate and snuggling in bed watching TV or reading a new magazine or a few chapters of a book. And while boy does that sound amazing, these meant that I would still have to wait until the end of the day or until I had finished something or until I ‘had the time for it’.

But what about the quick fixes, when you just need a bit of a pick me up? And not in the cheeky bar of chocolate kind of way.

Last week I got talking with a couple of lovely ladies at Scentered – get it! – at their Stylist Live stall and I came away completely hooked.

Using aromatherapy, they have several balms with 100% natural oils which you rub into certain points to give you a lift. From stress to focus, the scents are beautiful and just enough to make you feel invigorated but not overbearing that you can’t go out in public.

I very nearly went for the stress relief one, but something in my gut was telling me to go for the ‘Love’ one. I realised I can finally let myself ‘slow down’ – or my version of it – and give myself a little self-care.

It’s a wonderful little product that I carry in my handbag and nab out when I’m feeling a bit wobbly – which I’m feeling a bit more than normal looking for flats at the moment.

It’s super interesting as well, as I’ve shared it with friends and family and they all think of different things when they smell it! It’s a Harry Potter Potions class moment!!

For me, the balm reminds me of going to the Winchester Christmas market each year at uni. It has a cinnamon-y undertone to it which reminds me of that time of year. They were one of the few times when I felt completely calm, cosy and joyful. (I’m smiling just writing about it). So smelling this makes me instantly calmer.

But others think of completely different things! It’s fascinating!

It’s safe to say that although the product smears on my laptop surface, it was definitely worth the £14.50 – and ohhhhh my goodness, the bauble it came in.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could start using more meaningful ways to boost ourselves?

What area of your life are you most in need of a little boost at the moment?

Han x