Lessons from Uncle Brian

Lessons from Uncle Brian

Dear Uncle Brian, Never could I have dreamed that I would be writing about this this soon. To be honest, I am surprised you are the first, and even though we didn’t know each other well, I am sorry that you are gone. But so happy that you lived. You hear stories from people and […]

3 ways to stay motivated this Christmas (Blogmas Day 5).

3 ways to stay motivated this Christmas (Blogmas Day 5).

It’s the final countdown. The last couple of weeks of the year, and the world is feeling the lull. Dragging our feet to the finish line. Sleepless nights and cramming for deadlines. Willing Christmas weekend to be here already. While commercially joyous, December can be a bit of struggle. But do not give up now! […]

The moment I started doubting myself (Part 2). The takeaway.

So originally I was going to write my own response based on this video. A beautiful video  reminding us to really look at how beautiful we are and take pride in the details of ourselves – or at least that is what I took from it. Next time I tell myself my butt is big, […]

The moment I started doubting myself (Part 1). The context.

Dear Hannah, In 1999, you were in the playground at school. You had your hair in plaits and wearing the big comfy school fleece. You were playing tag. Then the game changed to girlfriends and boyfriends. The girlfriends were suddenly allowed into the hut. All the boys had grabbed a girl and run into this […]

Do you love food or yourself?

So last Saturday I had the pleasure of collaborating with Cook With Amore. Two Italian sisters based in London with a passion for good food and sharing this love with the community. Taking recipes from home and creating vegan alternatives, their recipes are a DEFINITE must-try for anyone working on the go. I have found […]

Creating a life I love: my next steps.

Ok, so I have shelter, a 9-5:30pm job and a life. Now what!? Duh, everything! There is absolutely nothing stopping me from creating a life I love, except myself. So what next? And you can do this with me 🙂 Define what a whole and complete life looks like to you. It’s ok to be selfish […]

I am taking a step back from London.

It’s like that post I wrote back in the summer. I’ve had quite the shift this week, but I can’t find a way to start telling you!? So here it is: I was meant to be flying out to Dubai next week and now I am not. I am moving back to my mum’s for […]

Finding balance in nature.

2016 is nearly over and wow has it been a rollercoaster on all levels! It’s safe to say that we’re feeling the strain and energy could be running low, even after the Christmas festivities. For me, Christmas is a wonderful time to immerse myself in the surrounding calm of my hometown and reenergise the soul in […]

Where were you Christmas 2006?

As is the option, Facebook reminds you what you did on certain days x amount of years ago. The other day it brought up: this photo. And a part of me was shocked by it, part reminiscent and part envious. I was 21, and had been back from my first semester in Brazil (part of […]

Taking time out when you work from home at Christmas.

December tends to be a season when we overindulge in the name of ‘festive spirit’. But then January rolls around and we’re depressed about getting on the treadmill to shed the ‘Christmas layer’. Every year. Why do we do this to ourselves? So instead of the brief relief of drunkeness and mince pie eating, I […]