My name is Han, I am 25, and I made my dreams happen.

This site was born in July 2016 when I realised that we read a lot about those who have made it, but there was no literature from those who were in the process. True, maybe that might not sell as many copies of a book, but it’s not as easily relatable. This site was born to document my so-called “rags to riches” journey. And trust me, it’s all in here.

From uplifting my life to London overnight one weekend in August 2016, to going broke in February 2017 to living comfortably with a view of the London Eye out of my bedroom window. The journey is never dull.

When I began this blog in 2016, the concept was to track “my journey to entrepreneurship”. As of January 2018, I have the foundations in place – living in London with a comfortable income – so now it’s time to explore the possibilities I can create for my communities.

The goal is to contribute and add value to the community and society. To live well, and think consciously. To create some positivity in this crazy world. To inspire you to believe and go after your dream!

Are you ready to go for it?

Han x